Am I going to lose my guns if I file bankruptcy?


A year ago, yes.  Until the recent law changes in Utah, although the Utah Exemptions Act clearly protected your year supply, which included food storage and clothing (even a sewing machine), it never protected your guns or ammunition.  This never made sense to me since in a apocalypse, I would think that guns and ammo would be a very, very important part of that year supply.

That being said, the exemptions changed recently.  Now, under the recent changes, the Exemption of Implements, books, tools, and motor vehicles, I can protect $250 per person or $500 per household.  This is not replacement value.  This is the value you could currently get for those firearms if they were sold at auction.  So the .223 with a good scope you use for target practice, which you think is worth $1,000 brand new, is probably only worth about $250 to $300 if we were trying to sell it quickly at a pawn shop or auction.  223

So, no, you’re not going to lose guns and ammo.  I can protect them in bankruptcy.

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