My divorce decree says that I have to pay all of the credit card debts. What happens if I go bankrupt on those debts?

Bankruptcy will discharge your personal liability on those debts.

But, they’ll start calling your ex non-stop and may sue him/her.  If your divorce decree says that you’re liable for those debts, then your ex can file an order to show cause with the Utah State Courts and haul you into court to have you explain to the judge why you’re not honoring the decree.  Bankruptcy never discharges your domestic support obligations to your ex-spouse, whether it be alimony, child support, or property distributions.

However, if your ex goes bankrupt too, or already did go bankrupt, then this is a non-issue, because neither of you is liable for those debts.

So you may have to answer to your ex, but you won’t have those creditors calling you anymore.

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