I am dying of cancer? What should I do? Should I file bankruptcy now to stop the creditor calls?

I hate this question. I get asked this very question about twice a year, and it’s morbid and depressing. However, I understand that I am being asked the question for answers about numbers and timing, not for comfort and support.
First, let me say that I do sympathize and I feel awful for you.
Okay, now on to the numbers:
If we file a chapter 7 today, we can wipe out the medical debts in full and stop the collection calls, until your next round of treatments. Then, new bills arise and new collectors come after you. You cannot file a new chapter 7 again for 8 years if you received a discharge of your debts in the 7 we just filed.
If we file a 13, we can pay a small amount (like $100 a month) towards our creditors and it stops the collection calls. If you get a new batch of medical bills, we can let the 13 dismiss (chapter 13’s run for 5 years), and then we can file a new one and add the new creditors.

What would be perfect is to simply wait. Tell creditors the situation, and then don’t file any bankruptcy until the last minute, adding in all of the creditors after all of the bills have come in. Unfortunately, most people don’t want the added stress of collection calls every day while going through their treatments.
So, in short, we probably file a 13 for now.

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