I missed my 341 Meeting of Creditors? Will my case be dismissed?

It just might.
It depends on the reason. Normally, you file the bankruptcy case and receive a case number. About a week later, you will receive the court’s Notice of Meeting of Creditors and Appointment of Trustee, which gives you the date of the 341 meeting, about 30 days later. In other words, you have a month to readjust your schedule to make sure that you can attend the meeting.
But sometimes, life happens. I had clients today who had just taken their son to urgent care because his flu had taken a bad turn and his lungs sounded raspy. I told them to skip the 341 Meeting.
The trustee will now file a Motion to Dismiss, and I’ll have to file an Objection to Motion to Dismiss and a Motion to Reschedule 341 Meeting of Creditors. I’ll list the reason for missing the meeting, and if the reason is good enough, then the court will not dismiss the case.

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