The chapter 7 trustee just filed a motion for turnover, what do I do?

First, call your attorney.

Second, turnover whatever the trustee is demanding you turnover.  In this case, my client was required to turnover her 2012 tax refunds, and she didn’t.  It was only $700, but the trustee had sent her letters demanding that she give that money to him so that he could pay creditors something from her bankruptcy estate.

She spent the tax refund.  After she told me, I set her up on a payment plan with the trustee.

If we hadn’t done this, he would then file a motion for denial of discharge, and her chapter 7 would have been thrown out, with a dismissal, no discharge, a money judgment against her in favor of the trustee, and even worse, her discharge would have been denied, meaning that she could never file a chapter 7 to discharge those same debts.

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