What do I need to bring to my 341 meeting of creditors with the trustee?

About a month after we file bankruptcy, we meet with a bankruptcy trustee assigned to your case.  It is his job to determine if you have any non-exempt assets (things I cannot protect) that he can sell off so that he pay a portion of those proceeds to your creditors.

Normally, the trustee asks for the following:

1.  driver’s license and social security card,

2. bank statement showing the balance on the date you filed and the transactions in the account during the month around your case filing,

3.  a current paystub (to show that your income is consistent with the paperwork we filed with the court).

At the meeting the trustee may demand that we produce other documents, like vehicle titles, or a copy of your divorce decree.  If you’ve already disclosed everything to your attorney, none of the trustee’s questions or demands will be a surprise at all.

If you are missing one of the essential items, like a driver’s license or social security card, the trustee may even refuse to conduct the meeting and will reschedule it when you have those items.

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